Sexual Arousal Using the Sense of Smell

Sexual Arousal Using the Sense of Smell

     The sense of smell is one of the most important senses and research shows those women are more attracted to scents that are different than theirs. What is smell? It is the sense that enables an organism to perceive and distinguish the odors of various substances, also known as olfaction. In humans, the organ of smell is situated in the mucous membrane of the upper portion of the nasal cavity. It is made up of olfactory cells, which are nerve cells that function as receptors for the sense of smell. The sense of smell however isn’t highly developed in humans as in many vertebrates.

    Each person has an odor, a unique chemical signature, as an individual has his or her fingerprint. So if you don’t like the way your mate smells that can be a problem. It is extremely important that you like the way your lover smells. Recent research has shown that paying close attention to the scent when choosing a partner makes scientific sense, especially woman who have much more highly developed olfactory functions. The man who smells best will have a genetically based immunity to disease that differs most from your own.

     The sense of smell can be such a powerful turn-on for men and woman that when neurologist Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, investigated men who had lost their sense of smell, he found that 25% of them also developed sexual dysfunction. But when sense of smell was restored, sexual performance improved as well. There are many men and woman that prefer their mate “unperformed” with perfumes and colognes. They’d rather smell their mate’s “true body scent”. The scent can give off pheromones which is a chemical signal emitted by humans and animals that serves as a stimulus to elicit one or more behavioral responses from another member of the same species.

     These pheromones are supposed to heighten your physical and sexual presence. Released into the air, they send out subconscious messages to the opposite sex and trigger strong feelings of desire/ and or attraction. Pheromones are sold worldwide and range between $25-50. Many people buy them to attract a mate. Woman produce pheromone in their armpits, but it hasn’t been proven the chemicals attract males.

     New research on biochemistry and aromatherapy has established biological explanations for man’s physiological responses to smell. Based on the findings, environmental and biochemical scents work on the limbic region, the brain’s sex part, and affect human emotion, behavior and even health.

     Singles will have a much better chance of meeting the man or woman of their choice with perfumes and colognes containing human pheromones, maintains Gary Havel, president of Intimate Research Inc., a Worth, Ill., company that specializes in mixing human sex pheromones with fragrances. “Experiments have proven that pheromones can attract the opposite sex and lead to better sex lives for people who apply a few drops of pheromone fragrance each day. Of course, single people will always continue to meet new people, but pheromone fragrances give people a distinct advantage in attracting more people, which translates into more opportunities to meet `Mr. or Ms. Right.'”

     Professor Martha McClintock at the University of Chicago, is an expert on odor and behavior who published a famous study in the early 1970s that showed that the menstrual cycles of college women living in dorms became synchronized through exposure to one another’s pheromones, those faint chemical signals released from the skin that control the mating rituals of much of the animal kingdom. McClintock has a new study in Nature Genetics, that makes an even more provocative link between sex and odor–specifically, the odor of a T shirt worn by a man on two consecutive days. The experiment was simple. The T shirts were carefully prepared (no cologne, no cigarettes, and no sex) and then placed in boxes where they could be smelled but not seen. Forty-nine unmarried women were asked to sniff the boxes and choose which box they would prefer “if they had to smell it all the time.”

     The women were attracted to the smell of a man who was genetically similar–but not too similar, to their dads. McClintock thinks there’s an evolutionary explanation. “Mating with someone too similar might lead to inbreeding,” she says. Mating with someone too different “leads to the loss of desirable gene combinations.” McClintock isn’t suggesting you can attract a mate by smell alone, but that hasn’t discouraged companies like Erox from bottling pheromones and stopping just short of calling them aphrodisiacs.

     While working at the University of Utah with natural compounds produced by human skin, Dr. David Berliner, CEO of Pherin Pharmaceuticals, a researcher noticed a surprising change in the behavior of his male and female colleagues. “They developed an increased level of camaraderie that was hard to explain,” he says. There were smiles, eye contact and increased approachability until the skin extracts were removed, at which point the group reverted to normal behavior.

     So next time when you our out on a date, you may want to get a good sniff before you decide to continue to take a step further.


6 Responses to “Sexual Arousal Using the Sense of Smell”

  1. mikolicryanxlbp Says:

    i thought your entry was very informative. You actually taught me a lot about smell that i did not know. I did not know that the sense of smell actually plays a part in someone choosing their lover.

  2. Jennifer Canham Says:

    The length is rather daunting to be honest, but overall your entry was as Ryan mentioned informative. Also, you should cite the information that you put in here because it is not common knowledge if you refer to our Hacker book. Otherwise, altogether you entry was very informative, just try to work within the set guidelines with your ideas. =]

  3. aulashleybjfq Says:

    I agree with Jen. It was super informative and super long. Very interesting, none the less…and I can tell you like doing research when it comes to these things. You like facts facts, and more facts. Nothing wrong with that. Hopefully now you’ll be set for meeting some women, right? ha.

  4. patelshrijit Says:

    may be v can go on a date how u like that …

  5. patelshrijit Says:

    also thanks for the comment s and advise

  6. patelshrijit Says:

    thanks for the comment and the advise i will make sure to edit it and repost it soon….

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